Yesterday, He told me…

Jesus doesn’t start with money.

He starts with LOVE.

I don’t know if this touches anyone else, or even makes sense to them, but it hit me! When it comes to our needs, He doesn’t look at what we have or how much money we need. He starts with love. Out of His love and our love for others, needs are met.
How beautiful!

4 thoughts on “Yesterday, He told me…

  1. Hi Jennifer, a great message and very True it was a lesson I learned that brought me God’s Peace, I will share the Link with you.
    Blog Link –
    We are on a pension and don’t have much money but we always enough and sometimes extra.
    When people focus on money above all other things sadly that is the only way you can relate to them or to get a response and even help, as Jesus said give Cesar what is Cesars but as you shared there is a higher focus and that is God’s Love, thank you.
    Christian Love Anne.

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