Words from the Lord: Babies

For tonight’s post, I decided to look at my list of times I’ve heard the Lord speaking clearly.  (Not AUDIBLY, just clearly.) As I read through the first few, I got a bit teary eyed! I’ve forgotten much of what He has spoken to me!
I know that what the Lord says to one person, He says to many. So as you read through these words from Him, if you sense that He is speaking to you through them, you’re not just silly–abandon yourself to Him and believe it!!
Tonight’s theme is babies. So I’m going to share with you some words He has spoken to me about being a baby in His eyes.


God sees me perfect because He sees me through Christ.
You are like a baby. Like that baby. I look on you as a beautiful baby that it is so easy to lavish affection on. It is so easy to love you. You are growing in orientation…Things that didn’t make sense before are going to make sense to you as your mind grows and changes as I love you continually because that’s how I made you. 

July 30, 2008

Today I looked at my yearbook, at the page mom put in for me. There is a delightful picture of me as a baby looking up and smiling with big pretty eyes. I love that picture. As I was looking and thinking how cute I am in that picture from way back when, the Lord said:

“It is just as easy to love you now.”


Thank You, Father. We are Your children! You know us so well and have adopted us as Your own.

Thank You, Jesus, for making it all possible! I love You!


2 thoughts on “Words from the Lord: Babies

  1. How precious! It is so true that God, our Heavenly Father looks on us as children that are very precious in His eyes. We have a new grandson, born this week, and as I look at him I am filled with an overwhelming sense of love and awe at the majesty of God’s creation. Your words speak of God’s great love for us which is patterned for us in our love for our little ones.

  2. Congratulations! I’m learning more everyday that the way my daughter needs me is just how I need God. The way I see my daughter is just how the Lord sees me. It’s amazing how He always has so much to teach us through parables of life like this. 🙂

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