What is the Measure of a Man?

What is the measure of a man?

You can measure him in kindness, in good deeds. In prayers piling up in golden incense bowls before the Lord. The Lord measured King Belshazzar in the book of Daniel, and he was found “wanting”. He was lacking before the Lord.

I often measure myself by the standards of other people. I measure myself against impossible standards that I imagine others are judging me by. But the only one whose opinion really matters is the Lord’s. He measures and weighs me by His own standards, which were impossible for me. But Jesus could fulfill all the laws and meet the holy standards, and He did. God measured Him and found Him to be perfect. The perfect sacrifice for all of my sins.

How does God truly measure me? Does he stack me up against His anointed ones and compare? Does He see what Sally is doing and say to Himself, “I wish Jen would get her act together and be like Sally.” Even though I hear these lies and they lead to comparison, the truth is God sees me just like Jesus. I’m in the clear because Jesus has covered me with His perfect blood. So when God measures me, He sees Jesus and I am not found lacking. Hallelujah.


{Today’s five minute friday writing prompt was, “measure”.}

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  1. Our brains went to the same place on this prompt — the measure of a man (or woman), yet we’ve totally different posts. Thank you for the reminder that we are not measured by what we do but by who we are in Christ.

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