What I’m Reading Wednesday

I’m starting a new category! This is “What I’m Reading Wednesday.” I realize it’s a bit late in the day, but I did a whole lot of other stuff during the rest of the day (including calming down a baby girl a trillion times!) and this was a part of the day that you can enjoy with me. 🙂
I get so frustrated when I walk into a Christian bookstore and see 1.5 million different Bibles catered to every type of person you could ever meet. Jon Acuff (of the book “Stuff Christians Like”) wrote a post on the 9 Easy Questions You Need to Ask Yourself when looking for a new Bible.
I laughed out loud at a few of these. Jon makes it entertaining, but sometimes I just get so tired of how we cater to everyone who could possibly ever want to read a Bible. I mean, there’s Bibles for kids, Bibles for teens, Bibles for adventurers, hikers, nieces, cousins & uncles! (Just kidding about those last three!)
Does it ever bother you that we have so many choices when the most Bible someone might read in another country is a one-page handwritten chapter out of Titus??
Every time I think about that, I want to write out a book of the Bible by hand. 🙂

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