Prayer for Readers: 10/31/11

Oh my Jesus,
As today is Halloween, God I pray for safety! I pray for all young children who will be walking the streets tonight, hopefully with their parents. I pray for Your goodness to protect Your children and that You will send Your angels to protect them. Lord, I pray against all demonic activity that will be taking place tonight. I pray that Your children will be praying hard! I pray against evil in our neighborhoods, in our homes, in our hearts. May Your people make the right decisions and stand for Your truth.
Lord, I pray that even witnessing will take place on this night. May Your people hand out tracts with candy, hand out blessings with chocolate, hand out prayers with lollipops. May Your people stand tall on this day, and not be ridiculed. I pray that they will look to You and be radiant and their faces will never be ashamed, even in the face of dark evils (see Psalm 34:5).
I pray that the powers of darkness that were defeated and embarrassed when You rose from the dead (see Colossians 2:15) will also be defeated again today in the face of Your power from Your children! In Jesus’ Name!
Lord God, I ask special protection over children and teens at Halloween parties. I pray You will guide them and protect them from games such as the Ouiji Board. I pray they will not receive any messages from satan and instead seek Your holy face and Your Word that they may walk on the right path.
I pray that all messages to psychics will be distorted and that they will be made to look foolish! Lord God, I pray for there to be more prophets than psychics, more truth to be spoken than false, I pray for more words from God, words from You, than words from the demonic realm.
I pray also for good & holy dreams and visions, and I pray that children and Your people will “set no worthless thing before [their] eyes” (Psalm 101:3) that they may not be afflicted by the evil they have seen. May we all shield our eyes from evil and receive Your protection.
Thank You, Jesus. Bless us and enable us to seek You as we struggle “against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places” (Ephesians 6:12). Thank You, Jesus. May Your praise be continually in our mouths (see Psalm 34:1).
In Your Name,

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