Prayer for Readers: 10/17/11

Most powerful & holy God,
Your Word teaches that we should “desire earnestly spiritual gifts, but especially that you may prophesy” (see 1 Corinthians 14:1). Father, I pray for protection, for wisdom and for guidance. I pray You will bless and strengthen and give power to those who have the gift of prophecy. I pray that those who do not know whether they have this gift will realize You have blessed them with it.
God, I pray against all fear that we may have about the gift of prophecy. I pray for clarity about this gift, and I pray for wisdom in how to use it. I pray for the right opportunities to pray and ask You what You have to say and what You are doing. I pray that this gift will indeed be used to strengthen, bless and build the Church.
I pray for those who are hungry to hear from You but do not know how. I pray we will seek Your voice and Your face with a deep hunger, and I pray that we who seek will find and the door will be opened to us when we knock. I pray You will perfect this gift in the children You have given it to. I pray it will be used to satisfy spiritual hunger across the world. Give us the words to say, the words to pray, the words to declare over others in love and truth. Lord Jesus, Holy Spirit, You know all things, and all hearts are open to You! May we be Your messengers and willing to take Your voice to dark and lonely hearts that they may experience Your emotional, spiritual, and possibly even physical healing. Help us be Your light, o Lord!
Thank You for the examples of the Old Testament prophets, that they spoke truth in the most confused and evil places in spite of the risks they faced. Thank You that they pronounced Your judgment and warned about the future. Thank You for the New Testament that teaches us to use prophecy to console, edify and exhort.  I pray that the words we speak will indeed be as the words of God, (see 1 Peter 4:11,) spoken with power and truth that cuts deep into the heart and brings comfort to those who are listening!
Jesus, again, I thank You for the precious gift of prophecy. I pray You will teach us how to use it, and that we will use it more frequently so as to bless the Church and bring more people into the Kingdom of God!
In Your Name,
If you are interested in learning more about the gift of prophecy, check out my book: “How & Why to: Pray for Healing, Pray in Tongues & Give Prophecy.” For more on using prophecy to evangelize, I recommend “Prophecy, Dreams & Evangelism,” by Doug Addison. Both of these books are available at

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