Miracles in Your Life!

I am going to post my first book review! I am really enjoying this one 🙂
You Were Born for This: 7 Keys to a Life of Predictable Miracles
By: Bruce Wilksinson & David Kopp
At first glance, I thought both the subtitle and the cover of the book were pretty cheesy. But I had just finished reading “The Prayer of Jabez,” and I had also judged that book by its cover, so I thought I should give this one a good chance! 🙂
I really enjoyed this book! Filled with tips on how to see what God wants to do and then help Him do it and gives really awesome, exciting and fun stories of what God has used ordinary people to accomplish on the earth for others– Wilkinson calls these “personal miracles.”
I love that Wilkinson pushes us to reach beyond what we would normally do– a good deed—and into the realm of the miraculous. He emphasized that most of God’s miracles have come through a human hand—not by angels or when He literally shows up in bodily form. On page 39, he says this, “Since Jesus is no longer on earth, we need to ask whom God is looking to now to complete His agenda.” So true! Most Christians don’t seem to understand that they can bring God’s miracles to those who hurt! The common question of suffering when there is a good God can be answered –we are supposed to bridge the gap and help the suffering!
I seriously love Wilkinson’s faith that is obvious in every chapter. The whole book is biblically sound, especially his emphasis on listening to the Spirit. His willingness to help others and ask the Lord for the chance to help someone is probably the most important part of this book. Actually seeing someone model the lifestyle he wants readers to mimic is very powerful. In my opinion, his most important points that he models in the stories is what he calls, “The People Key.”
The people key is how you make God’s agenda and heart for people your own. You prepare for the inevitable collision between your preferences and God’s by yielding your rights I advance. That way He can deliver a miracle through you to anyone at any time.” (p. 69). And Jesus modeled that exact thing!
So if you’re considering this book, if for nothing else, at least get it for the stories. 🙂 They will inspire and encourage you to ask God to let you bring a miracle to someone! 
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I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review!

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  1. I was in the middle of chemo and radiation treatments when I read The Prayer of Jabez and it not only gave me encouragement but it inspired me to begin a wonderful spiritual journey through the spiritual disciplines. It is a small but mighty book! 😀 Patty

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