Love Anyway

(Originally written down in my journal on 7/29/19)

I’ve been thinking about love. It feels like it’s going to take a lot of energy to write this out. But I think it’s important.

Sometimes love means allowing something that makes you uncomfortable. Choosing to love can make you vulnerable. But over time it’s little bits of love that add up together as proof of great love, God’s love. Do you choose to put yourself at a disadvantage and put others ahead of you? Just to show them love? Do you look past their problems and into their hearts? Sometimes it just takes a smile, an invitation, a birthday wish, a card, a gift, a text, a step into someone else’s else’s world to change your relationship. I call recall examples when doing one of those things made a vast difference in my relationships with a large variety of people.

I have sometimes wondered to myself, “Why do I even give so-and-so a gift? Do they even appreciate it? Would they notice if I didn’t?” Or “Should I bother texting happy birthday? I never hear from them on mine…”

But the problem with these questions is that they are selfish! It’s not about love anymore. Then it becomes about me instead. Why bother continuing to show love? Especially to those who don’t reciprocate?  It’s because love is all about giving.

  • While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” Romans 5:8
    Jesus loves us so much that He didn’t wait for us to reciprocate. He died because He loved us.
  • Love covers a multitude of sins.” 1 Peter 4:8

Let’s all keep giving love. Not to receive love back but because we reflect God’s love. Because God is love and we are becoming like Him.