Learning God’s Voice #2: Visions

As I wrote last week, during high school I wanted to hear God speak about my future, but I wasn’t really sure about His methods or how He spoke or any of that! It baffled me, but there was no one to provide guidance. I recognized His voice in song lyrics, but that was pretty much it, and I wanted more. (Even now I still want more!)

From the age of 16 up until now, I have been recording prayers, personal needs, answered prayers and awesome experiences with God in journals that I like to call “Prayer Journals.” While I went through a long process (2 and a half years!) of typing them up, I had a wonderful realization. Even when I thought God was quiet, He was indeed speaking to me. Looking back in your own history will truly reveal to you that you could hear God; you just didn’t recognize His voice as His.

Fast-forward to college, sophomore year! I finally met some people who could explain to me a bit about how we can hear God’s voice! I learned a lot from them, and I am so grateful! A few friends of mine and I found ourselves on a journey from Him that sparked the writing of my book “How & Why…” years later.

Two ways I learned that God speaks is in visions and in dreams. My very first vision that I recorded was for an acquaintance of mine. She wasn’t sure what God’s will for her life is (see this post!) and she asked us to pray for her. I closed my eyes in prayer, asking God if He had anything to say about this. To my surprise and joy, I saw a sheep! Now, as I wrote in my book, seeing a sheep can mean different things, it all depends on what exactly God is saying at that moment. But for her, I felt that it possibly referred to her teaching others, perhaps children, perhaps not. But, as God often does, He only supplies one piece of the puzzle at a time! For me, I was just excited that He spoke to me in that way!

In the Bible, God spoke to Jeremiah in a similar fashion (see Jeremiah 1:11-14). Peter heard God speak through a trance vision (see Acts 10:9-16,) and Daniel had many visions and dreams. Receiving visions from God is a valid way that He speaks to us. Remember also, Jesus told His disciples, “My sheep hear My voice,” (John 10:27), so if you seek to hear Him, He will reveal Himself to you! Good practice for learning His voice in visions is to ask Him, “What are You doing in this room right now?” He may choose to show you something!

But when you first start asking for visions, don’t expect it to be mind-blowing! Instead, try this. Look at something in the room. Close your eyes. Now, picture that thing you just saw. It’s probably not very clear, but you can tell what it is, right? Any vision you receive will probably be as clear as what you see now. But ask the Lord to strengthen your ability to hear Him, and He will reveal Himself more!

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