Jesus is still our Healer!

Today I thought of an experience I had a few years ago, (August 18, 2010) and I thought it would be perfect to share here with you! I hope you are encouraged! (This is quoted from a journal of mine that I wrote that day.)

I met a girl a couple months ago. Her name is Steff. I met her twice, and both times we wanted to hang out, but just never took the step. We tried once but something came up. It’s all in His timing!
So today, she texted me  and said she really needed to talk to someone. So for the first time I dropped over to her apartment (which is super close to my own.) She told me that she fell in a pot hole and is now suing the county because she broke her ankle and has now missed work for three weeks. Because she’s been missing work, she could only pay a portion of her rent and she told me today that she needed money by Friday or else she will be evicted!
As we were talking, she said that she’s mad at God and thinks He hates her. I gently corrected her and then asked if I could pray for her. She was all for it. (I was apparently feeling rather bold! Praise God!) So after I prayed for her financially and for her to know God’s love, suddenly, she mentioned how her ankle was really hurting. I realized that it wasn’t well yet and she had a lot of pain from it. So I quickly said, “Can I pray for it? Now?” And hallelujah–she said yes! She let me touch her ankle, and I prayed for the Lord to show her His love and heal her ankle, to take away the pain.
I stopped praying and asked her how it felt. She kind of didn’t do anything with like a shrug of the shoulders. Then she said, “It’s just kind of tingly.” I said, “Really? That’s how sometimes people feel God healing them–tingling and heat.” She was surprised and then I asked if I could pray again (I was getting really excited about the Lord, hehe!) His presence was really filling the place. So I prayed again and then she moved her ankle and was so surprised! “It doesn’t hurt as much…wow, really!” [she rubbed her foot] “I couldn’t even touch it before without it hurting!”
PRAISE JESUS! I said, “This is your opportunity to live for the Lord. He will be faithful, will you start living for Him?” She said yes! She grew up in a Baptist Church but hasn’t been to church in a long time and had been losing faith and is a little confused about God. I asked her if she had a Bible. She said she doesn’t and she didn’t understand it when she read it before because she had no one to explain it to her. I told her that I love to teach people about the Lord and she started talking about reading the Bible with me and man she jumped right on board! I AM SO EXCITED!!!
Wow, glory to God! And when I was leaving, we walked up the stairs and she giggled, “I was limping up these the last time I walked up them!” (She walked up them to greet me earlier!)
I can’t really express my excitement! wow! Praise the Lord. YAY!!!! Glory to the Lord Jesus Christ the Healer and Redeemer!!!!!!!

Have you ever had an experience what God physically healed someone when you had the boldness to pray for them? Like I wrote in my book, “You must pray for healing or the gift of healing will remain dormant, unused, unpracticed, and unseen.”
I would love to hear your stories!! God is so awesome…I’m waiting for Him to do it again! I need more boldness! Thanks for reading!

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  1. What a beautiful story! Very inspiring, thanks for sharing! I’ve nominated you for the “Very Inspiring Blogger” Award! Congratulations. You can read more at 🙂

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