It’s been a little while

I have some awesome news. My husband got the job he wanted!! We are thanking God for these changes He was in charge of. 🙂 It’s sooo awesome to have a promise and then see it be fulfilled! Has this happened to you? I would love to hear!
As for the moving thing, I don’t know what you remember, but we heard on July 2 that we needed to move by July 31. (Read that post here!) It was definitely a surprise, but once again, the Lord had great plans for us. Less than a week after we heard, we had a place to move to! I posted about our need on Facebook and so many wonderful friends took it upon themselves to tell us every time they saw a place that was available for rent! It was so kind of everyone, I don’t think I mentioned how much I appreciated that. So if you’re reading this, and that was you…thank you so much!!
Anyway, I got a message from a friend, saying that she and her husband had some ideas for us. We got together the next evening, and they said that there is an empty apartment above them…they own the house, and offered us the place! At first it didn’t seem to fit our needs, because we wanted to get a place with my brother, but they only had three rooms. I was really bummed, because it seemed perfect otherwise. So we declined the offer. They said we could always change our minds because they weren’t going to look for tenants for another month.
When we got into the car, my brother immediately called me and said he changed his mind. A couple of days went by, but to be honest, I was so done with looking! I started dreaming about all that we could do with that apartment…and it soon became clear that this was the answer! So…God didn’t just lead us to the right place…He brought the right place to us! Bless God!!
So now we are almost all settled into our new home. We’re missing a couch and a bed frame and box spring (couldn’t fit up the stairs!) but we are so ready to start anew in this wonderful place. We feel so happy and at home and free. It’s wonderful. And having our friends live downstairs is definitely a plus!
Two super big changes in just one month–Rick got a new job (he even got three offers from three different companies! This was definitely God’s timing for a new job!) and we got into a new place.
I wonder what else He has in store!
I think the best part about all of this is that He prepared me. He got me ready for some “change.” Over & over in January, February and March of this year He told me in different ways that “change is coming.” Well, it certainly came!! 🙂

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