I found this poem…

…in an old prayer journal! I was inspired, so I thought to share with you all. Enjoy!


Your ways                                                     

                        Not mine.

Your truth

                        Obliterates the lies

Your will

                        I want it too

Your love

                        Is my life’s building block.

Help me always choose You

I want to obey.

Give me strength

                        to give up what You do not desire

I desire Your love above all else.

Your beauty

                        Overcomes the ugliness of evil

Your joy

                        Gives me strength.

One thought on “I found this poem…

  1. Beautiful words Jennifer but not always wanted today when peoples focus is on what they want and their understanding of God’s Truth comes from themselves and not His wisdom, thank you for sharing this poem it has great Truth that if accepted will bring Victory.
    Christian Love from both of us – Anne

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