He has given our prayers power.

I’m currently reading a 100 day devotional called, “Growing in Prayer,” by the founder of the International House of Prayer, Mike Bickle. This book has been absolutely fantastic in encouraging me to pray, daily. I committed to writing 2 pages of prayers every day this month in my prayer journal. There are times when I have not felt like doing it. But I have a difficult time staying in prayer when I am just thinking or even praying aloud, and when I write, my ideas become clear and my prayers purposeful, with direction. So the time it takes to write out my prayers is worth it. In reading this devotional I have been reminded of the power within our prayers to accomplish God’s will on the earth. I am going to share a quote from this book whenever I am inspired to do so. Today is day 40:

” As we speak God’s Word, we can release strength to a friend’s heart. We call it “encouragement” because it gives him courage, or strength. Our prayer is God’s way of releasing His power so that the friend can overcome condemnation or discouragement or other trials in his life.” – page 81

God has given us power to wield His strength on the earth to accomplish good. I pray you will be reminded of the power of your own prayers today and spend some time praying for those who need Him today.

I have put My words in your mouth.
See, I have this day set you over the nations
and over the kingdoms,
to root out and to pull down…
to build and to plant”

(Jeremiah 1:9-10).