God Speaking During COVID-19

I want to keep track of the encouraging words I’m receiving from God, through His word and through other people, as well as what I’m hearing from Him in the Spirit during this strange time in my life. So I’m going to be recording here. Sometimes my thoughts will be haphazard, but I hope it will be a comfort to you too as we go through this.

March 19

Today I was encouraged by a meme reminding me how long Anne Frank lived in a 475sq ft apartment with other people for 700-some days. It’s not so bad living where we can go outside and freely live in our own 1200sq feet without fear of someone catching or killing us. 

While I read Exodus tonight (ch 7) I saw God telling Moses & Aaron “I will harden Pharaoh’s heart and multiply my signs and wonders in the land of Egypt.” The Egyptians had no idea that their lives were going to change. Suddenly, all the water in the Nile turned to blood and people had to dig around the Nile in the dirt to find water. Probably not how they pictured spending their time! They had never had trouble finding fresh water!

I did not picture this year that we were going to spend time quarantined in our homes. I was planning vacations. I was planning fun trips and time at the pool. Now it’s becoming clear that I didn’t see the future, and I still can’t. I don’t know how long things are going to be different but I want to be open and flexible to what God has in the future for us this year. Not to mention my entire life. It’s a nice reminder of Who is really in control and nothing on earth is always going to stay the same. I want to use this time well, and be able to help and be willing to change my life for the work of God’s kingdom, no matter what this looks like. I do know things could be a lot worse. So my main focus is to remain positive and thankful for where we are, that I have a yard for my kids to play in, that it’s getting warmer, that I have plenty of yarn and books stocked up and that we still have grocery stores to buy food and allergy medicine.