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I have reached my 25th follower here on WordPress!! Because of this milestone, I am very excited to be offering TWO free copies of my book!



Have you ever wondered about speaking in tongues? Questioned whether or not God really is able to heal? Have you ever received a word of prophecy, but didn’t know what to it was for? Do you want to know how you can hear God speaking to you?
There are a lot of Christians today who are quite confused about the validity of spiritual gifts and their worth in the Church today.  Jennifer felt the call from God to study about these spiritual gifts when she was confronted with them in college. Instead of running away and avoiding her questions, she became determined to find the biblical truth of these gifts–whether or not they were valid or even important to the Church. To her surprise, she found the detailed answers that the Lord had provided already in His Word! So after a few years of personal study and experience,  here is:
“How & Why to: Pray for Healing, Pray in Tongues & Give Prophecy”
Presented in a fun, simple and conversationally based question and answer format, here is a small book that shares examples of prophecy, healing and tongues in the Bible, and explains how you can also learn to use the gifts God gives you.
“How & Why to: Pray for Healing, Pray in Tongues & Give Prophecy” is filled with the biblical answers that you, too, have been searching for!

One person will receive a PDF file and the other will receive a free hard copy book. The winners will be chosen at random. Please like this post or send me an email at to be entered into the drawing! Winners will be chosen & announced Monday morning! Books are also available for ordering ($10 plus shipping) at

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