Blogging again…

So, it seems I am back to the blogging life. Well, at least the writing life. As my newest baby (Judah!) has turned 6 months, I’ve been feeling a little pull, a little tug here and there from the Lord to start writing again. As usual, I have no idea where to start, but He usually shows up once I obey and follow His lead! Unfortunately, time has lapsed since my last blog post…about two years time…and I’ve forgotten how to do most things. In fact, I’m pretty much writing to myself here because I lost all of my subscribers? I don’t know how, but it happened. Wah. I also lost about 29 blog posts, so I’ll be utilizing the wayback machine. They won’t be properly formatted with colors and such but I’ll make it work. I think the posts are worth saving. This time we’ve signed up for automatic billing so the website doesn’t fall apart because I forgot to pay…ah!

I also have to figure out how to use WordPress again; I am definitely rusty!! But bear with me, and I’ll start learning again. Thanks for hanging in there. I am going to post right after this something that I wrote earlier today.

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