Because He can…

Last night Rick & I read Matthew 9:18-38. This is a passage with Jesus going to heal someone and on the way, He ends up healing a woman who couldn’t stop bleeding for 12 years. Then He raises a girl from the dead, and restores the sight of two blind men. I started pondering the words of the woman and the blind men who were healed and what they did, as well as what Jesus said.

  • she thought, “If I only touch his garment, I will be made well
  • Take heart, daughter, your faith has made you well
  • Two blind men “have mercy on us, son of David
  • Do you believe I can do this?” -Jesus  “..yes Lord
  • According to your faith be it done to you” -Jesus

We’ve all heard that we must live by faith and not by sight. The woman fully believed that if she only touched Jesus’ clothes then she would absolutely definitely be healed! Jesus testified that it was her own faith (in Jesus) that made her well. The blind men called out for mercy, and Jesus asked if they believed that He could do it. Then He proclaimed it would be done according to their faith.

It just struck me that Jesus doesn’t ask for us to have the right words. He tells us that it’s about our faith. The bleeding woman pushed her way through a crowd because she knew Jesus would heal her if she only touched his clothes! The blind men called out and then Jesus let their faith in Him speak for itself — resulting in their restored sight.

  • Jesus asked them if they believed He could do it. They replied yes; they were healed.
  • The woman believed if she could touch His clothes, she would be healed; she was healed.

Have you been slow to ask Jesus for something, believing that sure, He could do it, but the real question in your heart is whether He would do it for you? I’ve struggled with this. It is also doubt! Doubt that He loves me enough to say yes. Think about it. I Pray that He will increase your faith in His love for you. I pray you will trust Him with every need. Don’t shy away because you think He won’t supply your need. You don’t need the right words. You need only ask and then rest in the belief that He will act. Make this need a matter of constant prayer. Stop thinking, “He could do it, but will He?”

They trusted that because He could, He would.

in His love,


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  1. God is so good! I have been in this scripture this week but I love your perspective ❤️

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