Ask. You gotta ask!

On Saturday, I posted 1 Kings 3:5 (NLT)
“That night the LORD appeared to Solomon in a dream, and God said, ‘What do you want? Ask, and I will give it to you!”
I posted that verse because God spoke to me through it. Right before I started to read the Bible Friday afternoon, I was reading through a book I’m sure that you’ve heard of: “The Prayer of Jabez.” Okay, so I admit I prejudged the book. It sounded like it was all about asking God only to bless you, to lead you into the abundant life. Yeah…I was so wrong. In fact, the author, Bruce Wilkinson, actually speaks against that attitude! “When we ask for God’s blessing, we’re not asking for more of what we could get for ourselves.”
Anyway, I digress. (LOL! I have always wanted to use that phrase! I hope you liked it 🙂 )
So, the prayer of Jabez (it’s in the Bible! 1 Chronicles 4:10) goes like this:
 Now Jabez called on the God of Israel, saying, “Oh that You would bless me indeed and enlarge my border, and that Your hand might be with me, and that You would keep me from harm that it may not pain me!” And God granted him what he requested.”
My favorite part of that is this: “And God granted him what he requested.
So, I’m thinking about this as I start to read the Bible passages for the day–1 Kings 3. As I start, I stopped and prayed, “God, PLEASE speak to me through this today.”
The next setnece I read was, “That night the Lord appeared to Solomon in a dream, and God said, ‘What do you want? Ask and I will give it to you!”
Needless to say, I was a bit surprised! I mean…I was just thinking about the prayer of Jabez. Jabez had asked for what he wanted! He wanted God’s blessing, more land, for God’s hand of protection and that he would not be in pain. And God gave it to him. Now I was reading about God asking Solomon to tell Him what he wanted.
This was too great to be a coincidence of any sort. I love how God speaks!!
Then these verses came to mind:
Matthew 7:7
Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.”
James 4:2
You lust and do not have; so you commit murder. You are envious and cannot obtain; so you fight and quarrel. You do not have because you do not ask.”
And since then, the Lord has also brought these to mind, too!
John 14:14
If you ask Me anything in My name, I will do it.”
John 14:7
If you abide in Me, and My words abide in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you.”
So…clearly, God wants us to ask Him for what we want!! There’s no question about that.
But now the question is…what should I be asking God for? LOL! This is no easy question.
So Lord, I ask you to fill our minds with the plans You have for us. Fill us with Your desires. May we not ask with wrong desires! Purify our minds to ask for what You want for us! Thank You that everything is wrapped up in You. We are Yours, Lord!! Thank You for allowing us to ask so that we may have!

8 thoughts on “Ask. You gotta ask!

  1. I love what Solomon asked for when God told him to ask for anything he wanted: Wisdom. And when he asked for wisdom, God gave him so much more. The more we know God (the fear of whom is the beginning of wisdom) the more what we ask for will be what He wants for us. Our God is so amazing! Peace, Linda

  2. I think it is important that as we pray our focus is directly on God, not on what we are praying for. For example, focus on God and his strength, not on my weak knee that always hurts. He is the center, the rest is peripheral.

  3. I agree! But He there is no denying that He tells us to ask for whatever we want. I think that’s because He knows that when our focus is on Him and we ask for something, that something is in His will for us, because we are following Him! He tells us to ask for what we want to ask for, because He knows we will ask well, and He loves giving it to us!
    Luke 11:11-13
    “Now suppose one of you fathers is asked by his son for a fish; he will not give him a snake instead of a fish, will he? Or if he is asked for an egg, he will not give him a scorpion, will he? If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him?”

  4. And we need to understand that his answer is sometimes no (or wait), but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have asked. Sometimes he gives things that he already said “no” to when we ask again. I would be interested in your take on this in Balaam’s story, Number 22:15-35

  5. Kathie,
    I can’t explain why Jesus said that we should ask for what we want and that He will give it to us, but His answer is indeed sometimes “wait” or “no.” He has certainly said this to me! It is necessary to trust His timing.
    Perhaps we could carry on this conversation through email, and then we could have a longer, more personal discussion. You can find my email address under my author page 🙂 I would be happy to talk at length!

  6. Jennifer, thanks for the invite for further conversation through email. What has happened through our conversations is a burst of thought and prayer, digging in my depths for understanding. Part of my process in doing this is writing it down, and so I have started doing that in blog format for now. Would enjoy future conversation, but the month of June is filled to the brim. Didn’t want to ignore but tell you of circumstances and invite future conversation once I get past the June hurdles. Kathie

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