Are You Avoiding a Book of the Bible?

Are you avoiding a book of the Bible that has bored or confused you in the past? Every time you open your Bible, is that book staring you in the face? Are you trying to ignore it?

I believe God is saying that now is the time to tackle it! Don’t forget — God breathed all these words in the Bible with precision and purpose– and He can speak to you in that specific book like He can in no other. So let Him guide you into that book you’ve been avoiding. Ask Him to open your eyes and show you His word for you for today. Ask God your questions. Don’t be afraid to question His purposes or His reasoning. If you dig deep enough, you can find God’s purposes — even in those strange laws. Get a good commentary on that book, or use, which has amazing resources for studying — commentaries, Hebrews & Greek dictionaries, etc. There have been so many wise Bible scholars who have gone before us. Take advantage of them. The Holy Spirit revealed things to them that you might not see on your own. The important thing is to start reading and keep an open heart, open mind, and open ear for God’s voice. Write down your questions and then search for the answers. You will get to know God in a special new way when you seek Him in a new and challenging book of the Bible.

So ask yourself — what book of the Bible do I get annoyed about just thinking of it?

Start there 🙂 God has surprises for you. Give that book another chance! Trust Him to speak to you and teach you though the challenges! It’s lots of fun! I’m going through Ecclesiastes right now because that is my “dreaded” book of the Bible haha. I also have trouble reading Job. I know it’s a favorite of many, but it’s so …depressing. So is Ecclesiastes. Ha! That’s me though, I like to skip the tough real-life issues and get to the JOY. But God isn’t only the joy in the morning. He is so multi-faceted. Even leaving out one book of the Bible causes us to miss out on God’s revelation of Himself. I’m so thankful for the Word and how He stretches me through it. Bless the Lord.

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