Again, Lord?

As you may remember, I am currently learning to trust & obey God again…with money!
Every single thing I post on this blog has to do with hearing God’s voice…in my life. Every post is inspired by Him through someone or something else, or just from what He has put on my mind. It’s amazing, because it’s What I’m Reading Wednesday, and I just started this book, called “Weird”, written by Craig Groeschel. I should have known that what God is saying to me He is saying in everything, including the books I read. I love it!! What an awesome, awesome God we serve.
So, I’m reading this book and suddenly, there’s a chapter on finances and giving…using the same verse I read very recently from 1 Timothy6:17–
Instruct those who are rich in this present world not to be conceited or to fix their hope on the uncertainty of riches, but on God, who richly supplies us with all things to enjoy.”
Seriously, just the other day, I realized I had been trusting in Rick’s bi-weekly income instead of trusting the money to come from the Lord’s hand. (Refer to this post!) My hope had been fixed on the uncertainty of riches instead of on the Lord, “who richly supplies us with all things to enjoy.” He has promised me food, clothing and drink. He can give more, but He expects ME to give more from whatever I have!
So anyway, back to reading “Weird.”
Look at this!! “I always secretly prided myself on how frugal and responsible I was with money. …[Others] view it as a superhuman feat of self-discipline and brilliant planning–it’s good to stay out of debt and save for a rainy day, right? Then one day I realized that my motivation was totally fear-based, not God-honoring. Even though I was handling money responsibly, I was still putting my security in my own abilities to earn and control money so that I would never have to go without anything again. My hope was in material wealth rather than in God’s rich provision.”
That is precisely what happened to me.
God speaks again!
So what is the antidote to trusting myself with money and relying on my ability to control it?
Today we are remembering Luke 6:30 “Give to EVERYONE who asks of you.” God guide us in our mission to always trust You for more.
Psalm 145:16
“You open Your hand And satisfy the desire of every living thing.”

11 thoughts on “Again, Lord?

  1. I totally feel and understand what you are going through! I am having to daily strengthen my trust and obedience in Him to rely on Him to hep me find a way to
    pay for graduate school this coming fall.

  2. Yes it is! But the process is how we are able to build our faith in Him! Don’t be discouraged! I know its a lot I have to come up with BUT I know He will provide! He is truly an awesome God! I will keep you and your family in prayers financially!

  3. It seems money is the one area I truly struggle. I’m not a hoarder. But, I struggle with truly have the faith to surrender fully and consider trusting Him completely for all my needs (even if no paycheck was coming). For many in this world, they have to depend on God for all their needs. For me, I have a Plan B. 🙁

  4. It’s amazing because money is the one thing we need to survive (most of us don’t live off the produce of our land, if you know what I mean!), but it’s the one place that most of us struggle to trust God with.
    For our family, we went through a year and a half when my husband had no actual “job” yet the Lord provided consistently with mini jobs. That sustained us. I learned to totally depend on Him, whether I was challenged concerning giving or just not being sure whether or not we would have money for food. It was amazing but SOO hard. I think it was necessary for us to go through that period of time because God taught me so much about trusting Him.
    He has promised to give us what we need. (Phil 4:19.) No frowny faces necessary–He will teach us in His time how to trust Him because He is faithful!


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